Special Olympics Waikato

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An individual can participate in Special Olympics if:

  • They are 8 years or older (5-7 year olds may participate in training programs but cannot compete).
  • An agency or professional has identified them as having an intellectual disability. 
    • In New Zealand this would usually be done by:
  • GP/Paediatrician
  • School/Special Needs Assessors
  • Community Needs Assessment Agency
  • The individual has a cognitive delay as determined through standardized tests used genererally in New Zealand


  • The idividual has a developmental disability affecting general learning and adaptive skills in at least two of the following
    • Communication
    • Social skills
    • Self Care
    • Function academics
    • Leisure
    • Work Capabilities
    • Home Living
    • Health and Safety

A person is NOT eligible for Special Olympics if their disability is SOLELY due to physical disabilities, emotional disturbances, behaviour disorders, specific learning disabilities, psychiatric illness or sensory disabilities.

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